feel good forever

by watterson

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been stewing on this for about three years, recorded over a few months

released on my dog's birthday

check out the music videos for blow
and zzz



released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


watterson Fort Collins, Colorado

please take all of this music for free

if you're ryan gosling, just know that I will always wait for you

contact at: wattersonjams@gmail.com

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Track Name: colorado
hey man
you're just sleeping
we were climbing trees
like when i was thirteen
the --
the dirt on my cheeks
i wish that i'd known
how bad i'd want to keep this
but it's all gone grey
you sunk into
i listen to the bands we used to
i do all the stupid shit we used to
went and lost every picture of you
buddy said it was the least I could do
had a dream i was a bruise at the bottom of the washington monument
and you were next to me
limp like a parachute
i'm sorry
i'm coming back to colorado
just like i promised
Track Name: armadillo
held my breath
i fell asleep
i killed the quiet underneath
never meant
to be so tedious
to be so easily ignored
black eyes dreamt of needles in the sky
shaking loose like a pine tree
smothering what he used to be
if i start to change my mask every week
someone might eventually be afraid to lose me
little foil elvis in the fridge
maybe i'll cross my eyes
maybe i'll lie
on the carpet facedown
thirteen hours straight
maybe i'll find out whether you're
really four hours away
maybe i'll drip down the kitchen sink
maybe i'll find that separation
clinging to a dream
if i hide away for days and months and weeks
someone might eventually be afraid to lose me
Track Name: nobody home
-- knew how to break the rules
he was feeling cool
bright eyes and burning money
got his own car and a room for a week
he's so good at making friends
but they've got their own plans
got white and burning red
gone straight to his head
now he just wants them to leave
and they'll leave when they want to
this body doesn't belong to me
it's someone else's entirely
that boy died that week
and some kind of man walked free
he wouldn't tell
because what would they think
dreams of driving back to that city
and chopping off their heads
but he still wouldn't forget it
so he scrubbed their names instead
claiming brand new victims
squeezing them to death
drowning the innocent
until he had no body left
it's gonna take the rest of my life
to kill that bad dream fucker back
this body doesn't belong to me
it's someone else's entirely
Track Name: blow
she traces keloid fractures
planting fingerprints like saplings
flawless skin and endless eyes
whisper breath like sighs
she clears a spot on the table
spills snowflakes in shapes of angels
clips their wings and narrows their waists
until all that's left is veins
tries to say i love you
and her nose starts to bleed
Track Name: choi min-sik action figure
dragged the teeth of her comb along my back
leaving pink lines like dae-su notches
all fourteen
all twenty three
she said
what's under your nails
dirt maybe ink
rolled over and said try to get some sleep
all of my dreams are ghosts
stretching at seams under ivory overcoats
and ------
but it happens to me all the time
i wish my blood wouldn't clot
wish it'd spray like 80s action movies
gather in tenenbaum puddles
leaving porcelain tattoos
i never meant for it
Track Name: zzz
that scarf doesn't look good on you
and besides it's barely even cold out there
quit acting dumb and pull your shit together
you change the locks every November
no matter what city you're in
stay in bed all day and watch the ceiling spin
and get used to disappointment
there are fireworks in a sleeping bag
under a bed in my buddy's house
and there are whispers in all the drawers
they say they don't want me around
i think i could be better this time
filling my head with glass
so when i fall back down that hole
i'll break all the mirrors inside my skull
all i wanna do is feel good forever